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our goal

We are asking ​God to provide ​$400,000 b​y December 31st​.

our causes

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Children & ​st​udents

Your giving will unlock key​ improvements in our kids and​ student ministry. Help the next​ generation thrive in their faith at a​ time when parents (and students)​ are navigating challenging times.​

Changed ​lives

Your giving will position Summit to ​press forward in ministry in 2024. ​Strengthen key ministries so that ​people already here deepen in their ​faith and we introduce many more in ​our growing region to Jesus.

community ​imp​act

Your giving will open doors for us to make a big impact beyond our walls in the West Valley. You’ll help to build beds for kids sleeping on the floor, host a Lift Up event for veterans, serve teachers and more.

from pastor Nate

I’m so grateful for the people of our church who have boldly ​trusted God through the years and responded to the ​opportunities he set before us. More than 1,000 people ​have been baptized and lives have been changed in our ​church, community and around the world.

Your giving at the end of this year will add momentum to ​Summit’s ministry in 2024 and unlock our ability to impact ​children & students, fuel life-changing ministry and expand ​our impact in communities around the West Valley.

Please pray about what God wants you to give. I’m thankful ​for you and excited to see the ways He will work through ​you to build momentum in the year to come!

Pastor Nate Schaus

Build momentum in the next generation

Children & ​Studen​ts

This is a key time to help children and students stand strong in their faith, ​and your generosity will unlock even greater impact. Your gift will provide ​resources to help parents succeed and equip students to take next steps ​in their faith. You’ll empower students to stand up for Jesus now and as ​they head into college or work. The addition of a part-time student ​worship coordinator will develop our student musicians and raise the ​excellence in their weekend services.

Improvements will be made to strengthen the safety of our kids rooms, ​enhance our décor/staging and install an outdoor sun sail outside our ​student building to use that space during the summer. With your help, ​we can help our current kids and students thrive in their faith while ​helping new families in our community connect with Jesus.

Strengthen the ministry of our church

Changed ​Lives

The West Valley is growing all around us, and God has placed our church in a unique position to impact those in our church and reach many more for Jesus. Your giving will help us move into 2024 from a position of strength by helping to fund and strengthen the core ministries of our church.

Your generosity not only makes our weekend services possible—but lives that are changed as people worship and hear from God’s Word. Community is built through Growth Groups, serving teams help people make a difference and outreach ministries like Alpha help people explore the Christian faith. Care and benevolence teams bring hope in tough times through ministries like Financial Peace University. Your giving will accelerate the number of people who are baptized, take steps of faith and experience the life-changing hope of Jesus!

Make a difference in the West Valley

community ​impact​

Your generosity will unlock impactful work in our local community. This March you will help us build beds for kids in the West Valley currently sleeping on the floor. Our partnership with Sleep in Heavenly Peace will build in our parking lot the most beds they’ve ever constructed at one time here in Phoenix—and allow those bed to be delivered locally (especially helping single parents and emergency foster families).

You’ll enable us to host a Lift Up event to provide services to local veterans. As you invest in our community teams, you’ll enable us to bless local schools, encourage teachers and help other neighbors who are in need. Through it all, needs are met and people are pointed to Jesus.

stories from the field


Summit has been a total ​faith changer for our ​children and family. ​They’ve built incredible ​relationships with other ​students, families and ​leaders. The heart of the ​church spreads light within ​our home - all week long.


“Alpha has been so beautiful​ and has changed my life. ​ Thank you and God bless​ you for everything you have​ done for me. I’m a new man​ a​nd ready to serve God.”

Bed recipient

One sister turned to the ​other and said, “I’ve been ​waiting my whole life for ​this.”

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Next Steps

step 1

Give today.

Step 2

Fund our mission in 2024.

Step 3

See transformation happen in our church and our community.


Summit’s mission is “leading people who are far ​from God to courageously follow Jesus.” Thank ​you for being a part of making a difference in the ​lives of people in our church, community and ​around the world.

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give now

All donations given to our 2023 Christmas Offering and our Mission & Ministry Fund during the month of December will go toward our $400,000 goal. If you would like to donate appreciated assets like stocks or bonds, contact

All donations are tax-deductible.